ScrAb2The original Shin Bu Kan dojo was founded in Liverpool, England in 1965 to practise, study and promote Kendo.

Vic Cook Sensei Iaido Nanadan Kyoshi, Godan Jodo & Yondan kendo dedicated himself thirty five years ago to studying and teaching both Muso Shinden Ryu Iai and Muso Ryu Jodo after his kendo career ended due to medical reasons.

The Shin BU Kan dojo then concentrated on the study of Iaido & Jodo including the ZNKR (All Japan Kendo Association) Seitei Kata for both of these disciplines under the auspices of the British Kendo Association and European Kendo Federation in the United Kingdom & Europe.

The result of this development, starting in the Brighton dojo has culminated with the founding of Shin Bu Kan Dojo throughout the UK and Europe.

The group dojo teachers and members, meet regularly with the principle aim of studying both Iaido and Jodo. And through assiduous practice, develop correct spirit and harmony both physically and mentally ensuring the continuance and development of both disciplines.


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