Rest area dojo2The Dojo was built as a culmination of a resolution made over 35 years ago to build a permanent training hall by Vic & Terry Cook for the use of all members of the Shin Bu Kan dojo in Europe by invitation.

The work started in 2010 and was finished within a year as close as one could to a facility ideal specifically for Iai & Jodo, encompassing a suspended floor and big enough to practice all the major kata that are in the Muso Shin Den Ryu Iai & Muso Ryu Jodo curriculums.

On occasion there has been up to 10 Budoka sharing the space in mutual practice, regular visits form John Piper 5th dan Iai, Tony Devine 6th dan iai and many other leading students from the mainland who often attend practise sessions here on the Island.


Also regular visits are made by students of the Shin Bu Kan dojo’s that were founded over the past twenty years from the Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Spain.

The facility was built to be used and is fulfilling its purpose as a place of learning and development through the practise of budo.


Dojo Internal

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